“Lisa is a writer’s answer to what-the-hell-should-I-do-with-the-internet-now? In today’s publishing world, writing books and articles is only part of the game plan. Your website, social media contacts and how to max them is where Lisa steps in. To top this recipe for internet success, Lisa is easy to get along with, honest and has a charming sense of humor.” – Susan Gulbransen

“She is a brilliant communicator, writer and web-savvy professional. Lisa is up to date on the new rules of marketing and her ‘Angle on Writing’ sets her apart from the competition. She is a role model, dedicated to continuing education to offer the best service to her clients and not only offers value, but has great work values and a voice through her content creation that is incredible.” – Lorrie Thomas Ross, author of The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Online Marketing

“Lisa Angle of Ninety Degrees Media was a treat to work with. She did a great job shooting and editing video and added still photos, graphic elements and music for a great end result that told our story well. Her turn around time was phenomenal and the price was extremely reasonable.” – Marsha Bailey, CEO at Women’s Economic Ventures

“Lisa Angle is a writer first, which is why she works so well with writers on the road to publication. She knows what we need to build and expand our platforms out here in cyberspace. MarlaMiller.com‘s WordPress site was co-designed and is now co-managed with Lisa and her NinetyDegreesMedia.com team. In addition to her expertise in WordPress design, she is a videographer whose editing and producing skills can be seen on the MarlaMiller.com workshop videos.Her rates are competitive and her work is outstanding.” – Marla Miller, Marketing the Muse

“A fellow writer recommended Lisa. I was crying in my soup. The best recommendation I ever got. Seriously. She knows her stuff and from what I’ve experienced she doesn’t just care about the bottom line. Lisa rocks!” – Rossandra White, author of Loveyoubye

“Lisa shot a video of me at a presentation/book signing. She quickly made a teaser and posted it on social media, then produced a longer version for TV. I was extremely happy with the results and would recommend Lisa to help with all your video projects and social media needs.” – Ernie Witham, author of A Year in the Life of a Working Writer

“We had the pleasure of hosting Lisa Angle for a presentation entitled ‘Putting the Net in Networking.’ SBEU members and myself were very impressed with Lisa’s professionalism and how she presented her topic with grace and style. I was particularly impressed with the fact that she handled the group’s questions with ease and her knowledge of Social Media implementation is top notch.” – Gordon Gerbitz, SB Experience Unlimited

Lisa is a most welcoming speaker. Shy and self effacing by nature, this quality of Lisa’s does not get in the way of her ability to make a point. She is a good listener and manages to answer, with thoughtful attention, all questions put to her by an audience.”Alicia Mitchell

Lisa was engaging and articulate. Her heart really spoke. Oftentimes, that kind of speech (for accepting an award) can be schmaltzy, canned, or stiff. Not Lisa’s.” Amy Marie Orozco

“Her attitude is positive, but realistic. I like the way she comments and makes the person still feel intelligent.”

“She has a good rapport with the class, and she kept us firmly on task.”

“The exercises she gave us were thought provoking and helpful. She was positive in her feedback.”

“She creates a good, non-threatening environment for her students.”

“A good facilitator—she did an excellent job getting and encouraging everyone’s involvement.”

“The class was well planned, and time was used well. I appreciated how much writing we did.”