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Ep. 198: Ayn Cates Sullivan

Author and poet Ayn Cates Sullivan swooped in the show off to host Fred Klein her new visionary fiction book A Story of Becoming. Ayn’s next book, Legends of the…

Ep. 158: Dan Poynter

Self publishing guru Dan Poynter returns to tell host Fred Klein about his new book, Para Promotion Program: A Step-By-Step Guide to Successful Book Promotion for Authors & Publishers. The…

Ep. 122: Teddy Steinkellner

Teddy Steinkellner, author of the new middle school novel Trash Can Days, enlightens host Fred Klein about what’s new with kids today, including peach rings. In the guest seat this…

Ep. 102: Tracy Shawn

Author Tracy Shawn tells host Fred Klein about her debut novel The Grace of Crows. They also talk about the writing teachers who helped Tracy on her path to publication….

Ep. 100: Shelly Lowenkopf, Part 2

Shelly Lowenkopf returns for our 100th episode to continue the discussion about self publishing versus traditional publishing with host Fred Klein. The two also recall their days in New York…

Ep. 99: Shelly Lowenkopf, Part 1

Shelly Lowenkopf discusses self publishing versus traditional publishing with host Fred Klein. Literary Gumbo:Shelly Lowenkopf, Part 1 from Literary Gumbo on Vimeo.

Ep. 82: Kathleen Sharp

Kathleen Sharp returns to update host Fred Klein on news about her books Blood Medicine, The Man Who Blew the Whistle On One of the Deadliest Prescription Drugs Ever and…

premature publication panel at Southern California Writers' Conference.

Premature E-publication: Are You Publishing Too Soon?

Insight from some of the top names in publishing: Jennifer Silva Redmond, Editor-in-Chief, Sunbelt Publications Matthew Pallamary, Author, Teacher, Writing Guru Sally Van Haitsma, Literary Agent Molly Lewis, Publisher, ZOVA…

Ep. 66: Neal Graffy

Well-known lecturer Neal Graffy discusses Santa Barbara history with host Fred Klein. Graffy’s books about the street names of Santa Barbara can be found in local bookstores and gift shops….

santa barbara writers conference videos sbwc

Santa Barbara Writers Conference Videos 2012

Videos of the afternoon panels and evening speakers at the 2012 Santa Barbara Writers Conference.