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How to Assess the Value of the Characters in Your Novel

If your computer won’t boot up how will you type your story? The problem that prevents your device from turning on relates to the problem that makes characters and stories…

Ep. 163: Toni Lopopolo

Literary agent and writing instructor Toni Lopopolo joins host Fred Klein to talk about 21st century writing, among other things. Ms Lopopolo will teach a Fiction Intensive with Shelly Lowenkopf,…

how to edit your writing video

How to Edit Your Writing

Tiffany Yates Martin of FoxPrint Editorial (foxprinteditorial.com) presented this talk on how to edit your writing in Marla Miller‘s Marketing the Muse (marlamiller.com) workshop at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference…

Ep. 102: Tracy Shawn

Author Tracy Shawn tells host Fred Klein about her debut novel The Grace of Crows. They also talk about the writing teachers who helped Tracy on her path to publication….

santa barbara writers conference videos sbwc

Santa Barbara Writers Conference Videos 2012

Videos of the afternoon panels and evening speakers at the 2012 Santa Barbara Writers Conference.

Ep. 45: Tea with Toni

Literary Agent and teacher, Toni Lopopolo, returns to update host Fred Klein about her ventures since relocating permanently to Santa Barbara. She is active seeking new clients as well as…

writing good beginnings to stories

How to Write Great Beginnings for Your Stories

The beginning of a new year is a good time to think about how we begin our stories. When you pick up a novel or short story where do you…

Writing Better Dialogue

Writing better dialogue starts with character development. What does their voice quality and style of speech tell your readers about the character? Now think about their educational background, favorite subject,…

Ep. 11: Monte Schulz

Host Fred Klein talks to author Monte Schulz about his forthcoming novel The Last Rose of Summer, and his plans for the Santa Barbara Writers Conference, which he recently purchased….

Your Character’s Point of View

Once you’ve fleshed out your characters you have to decide how to tell the story. Whose eyes will the reader see through and how much information will they get? This…