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Ep. 32: Irene Macias

Irene Macias, Library Director, tells host Fred klein everything anybody would want to know about the Santa Barbara Public Library System. Literary Gumbo: Irene Macias from Literary Gumbo on Vimeo.

Ep. 31: Beverlye Hyman Fead

Author, artist, and ambassador for the American Cancer Society, Beverlye Hyman Fead talks with host Fred Klein about her two books I Can Do This: Living With Cancer, Tracing a…

Ep. 29: Lee Wardlaw

Children’s Book Author Lee Wardlaw tells host Fred Klein about her new picture book Won Ton A Cat Tale Told in Haiku and her 26 other books for kids and…

Ep. 28: Publishing, the Backstory

Host Fred Klein does a solo show talking about the history of the publishing industry, starting in 1955 through the new millennium. Mr. Klein had a front row seat as…

Ep. 26: Richard Hunt

Host Fred Klein talks to another of his ol’ pals in the publishing biz, Richard Hunt, who is an executive at Keen Communications, which runs Wilderness Press and Clerisy Press….

Ep. 25: E. Duke Vincent

E. Duke Vincent talks to host Fred Klein about his long career as a major television producer, working with Aaron Spelling among others, followed by a new life in Santa…

Ep. 24: Gail Gelles

Gail Gelles give host Fred Klein the scoop on the book club scene in Santa Barbara. Literary Gumbo: Gail Gelles from Literary Gumbo on Vimeo.

Ep. 22: Tim Schwartz

Host Fred Klein talks to Tim Schwartz who is the Director of the Santa Barbara area Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic. Literary Gumbo: Tim Schwartz from Literary Gumbo on…

Ep. 21: Kathleen Sharp

Host Fred Klein interviews Kathleen Sharp, an award-winning journalist and author of the acclaimed biography Mr. & Mrs. Hollywood. She talks for the first time about her latest book Blood…

Ep. 20: Marc Jaffe

Long-time editor and publisher, Marc Jaffe, reminisced with host Fred Klein about being a major figure in the corporate publishing world as Editorial Director of Bantam Books for 19 years….