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Ep. 43: June Breton Fisher (Dan Alef)

Host Fred Klein and author/publisher Dan Alef remember the late June Breton Fisher, author of When Money Was In Fashion. Alef stands in for Fisher and explains how the biography…

Ep. 42: David Freed

Award-winning investigative journalist David Freed tells host Fred Klein about his story in The Atlantic on how the FBI pursued the wrong suspect for a string of anthrax murders following…

Ep. 41: Joan Tapper

Joan Tapper delighted host Fred Klein with tales of being an editor at Islands and National Geographic Traveler. She is also the author of several history/travel and coffee table books.

Ep. 39: Melinda Palacio

Latina poet and author Melinda Palacio regales host Fred Klein with her poetry and the story of how her new novel Ocotillo Dreams came about.

Billie Letts: International Matrix Award Honoree

Billie Letts, internationally recognized, award winning author of Where the Heart Is, The Honk and Holler Opening Soon, Shoot the Moon, and most recently Made in the U.S.A. spoke at…

Ep. 38: What is an Edtor?

Host Fred Klein draws on his thirty years experience as a Vice President at Bantam Books to enlighten viewers about the role of an editor at a large publishing house.

Ep. 37: The Fiction Lover’s Companion

Shelly Lowenkopf returns to enlighten host Fred Klein with excerpts from his new book The Fiction Lover’s Companion. Literary Gumbo: The Fiction Lover’s Companion from Literary Gumbo on Vimeo.

Ep. 36: Kathleen Sharp and her new book Blood Feud

Award-winning journalist Kathleen Sharp returns to show host Fred Klein her brand new book Blood Feud, a true story of Big Pharma’s power, the terrifying vulnerability of innocent patients, and…

Ep. 34: Steven Gilbar

Steven Gilbar discussed his varied career as an editor and writer with host Fred Klein. Gilbars many books about literature include The Book Book: A Compendium of Lists, Quizzes, and…

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