Ep. 111: Walter De Hoog

Walter De Hoog tells host Fred Klein about his memoir Tulipano – a story of wartime Italy – 1944-45. Literary Gumbo: Walter De Hoog from Literary Gumbo on Vimeo.

Ep. 110: Diana Raab

Author and poet Diana Raab delights host Fred Klein with poems from her new poetry collection titled Lust. She also lists the many places she plans to travel to for…

Ep. 109: Brian Russell

Author and song writer Brian Russell regales host Fred Klein with stories of his career in the entertainment world and how he met his wife, Cheryl Ladd. Russell’s new novel,…

Ep. 108: Len Lamensdorf

Author Len Lamensdorf tells host Fred Klein about his new novel The Mexican Gardener, a Thriller set in Santa Barbara. Literary Gumbo: Len Lamensdorf from Literary Gumbo on Vimeo.

Ep. 107: Michael Bayouth

Michael Bayouth tells host Fred Klein about his novel, Nine Degrees North, that he wrote with co-author Kim Klein. The co-authors also collaborated on a new romantic comedy film, Twenty-one…

Ep. 106: Tom Parker

Philanthropist Tom Parker, CEO of the Santa Barbara based Hutton Parker Foundation, lets host Fred Klein in on his $100 Million Dollar Secret. This book tells of Parker’s innovative, new…

Ep. 105: Selden Edwards

Bestselling author Selden Edwards recounts his success with host Fred Klein. Dutton published Selden’s second novel The Lost Prince, a sequel to The Little Book, in 2012. Literary Gumbo: Selden…

Ep. 104: Claudia Chotzen

Writer Claudia Chotzen talks to host Fred Klein about the memoir she’s working involving a charismatic, yet abusive mother. Literary Gumbo: Claudia Chotzen from Literary Gumbo on Vimeo.

Ep. 103: Mark Robert Halper

Photographer Mark Robert Halper shows host Fred Klein his latest book of photographs. Between Seer and Seen features 71 artists of Santa Barbara County and their work. Literary Gumbo: Mark…

Ep. 102: Tracy Shawn

Author Tracy Shawn tells host Fred Klein about her debut novel The Grace of Crows. They also talk about the writing teachers who helped Tracy on her path to publication….