Ablitt House Journey

I produced this short documentary in 2009 and learned a lot along the way, as well as making some mistakes. It’s a good story and I think I told it rather well, so I’ve now finally posted the full, final version online.

Ablitt House Journey: a Short Documentary from Ninety Degrees Media on Vimeo.

Neil Ablitt buys a 20’x 20’ lot, about the size of a two car garage, near his dry cleaning plant in a commercial district of Santa Barbara, then in 1987 wins a water hook up for it in a lottery. But it was not zoned for a residence, and it was too small to build on, or so he thought. Neighbors disapproved of a house in the alley, the Panning Commission turned him down, and even during the building he never knew how the blueprints would become a reality. Today Neil and his wife Sue give tours of their unique abode.